Text Topic Classifier

Download text-topic-classifier-1.0.zip


Download GCSpeciesSorter-1.0.tgz or GCSpeciesSorter-1.0.tgz


TimeSleuth's webpage has been moved to SourceForge.net: timesleuth-rule.sourceforge.net

Download TimeSleuth 3.33

DIPC: Transparent Distributed Shared Memory

DIPC's webpage has been moved to SourceForge.net: dipc-2.sourceforge.net

Download DIPC 2.0 for 2.2.x kernels

Latest beta version:

Download DIPC 2.1 beta 1 for 2.6.x Linux kernels

For 64-bit AMD or Intel CPUs, replace the kernel patch in DIPC 2.1 Beta 1 with this patch file. This kernel patch compiles under 64-bit AMD CPUs, but needs a small change to compile under 64-bit Intel CPUs.

Read this installation guide for more information, including how to make the kernel compile under Intel's 64-bit CPUs.

Search and Problem Solving: The IMA method

Download SCSPS.java

Artificial Life

Download URAL